Life Coaching


Our life coaching program helps individuals that are tired of being in the same old rut and life circumstances to embark on a journey to identify their purpose and achieve long desired goals of freedom and hope. We have passionate life coaches that have personally battled and overcome many of the same challenges that their mentees are facing currently. Our life coaches own victories over personal addictions, depression, anxiety, grief, financial challenges, and so on. We know that by following God’s plan for life given to us in the Bible coupled with our dynamic life coaches and the Dream Center‘s community partnerships we have a winning formula to the individual who wants holistic life change.

In order to help meet the physical, spiritual, emotional and financial needs of our life coaching mentees, we need to continually train, onboard and invest into our growing team of life coaches. Over the course of six months to a year, we take mentees on a journey through the three phases of our life coaching program. Here we show them honor and encourage them, reveal to them who they really are, identify natural giftings and help them develop discipline, structure and perseverance. We instill the importance of goal setting and gratefulness while teaching them the significance of serving others, developing healthy friendships and creating and maintaining healthy environments and habits.

We desire to see each person we life coach take the necessary steps to bring about real life change so they, in turn, impact their families and communities for the better. We want them to understand how a life of healthy habits and relationships can be so fulfilling. We want to instill in them how serving others is more rewarding to the person serving than the person being served. We hope to see our program graduates use their natural giftings and abilities to inspire others to do the same. The ultimate outcome is when a mentee graduates our program and decides to become a life coach to help others navigate a brighter future. That is the multiplication effect!

It takes some courage and commitment to start and complete this program, but through the relationship of a coach walking alongside you one step at a time, we believe you can reach your goals and make lasting changes.

To learn more about becoming a life coach and the qualifications and commitment it requires, please email Jen Benedict at [email protected]

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