Lets Make A Difference Together!

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Why We Exist

The Dream Center’s primary focus is to see hope restored and God’s designed purpose fulfilled in the Young Generation. We are focusing on building hope through multiple programs:

Workforce Development
Ignite Student Academy
Ignite Serve Camp
Life Coaching
24/7 Dad
Wildfire Leadership
Community Serve Projects

Our goal is to help Defiance County Middle School & High Schools students discover their purpose and develop a life plan that is ideal for them and what they want to accomplish.

We are helping students create a life worth living!

Activate Hope

What problems are we solving?

•Hopelessness? “76% of schools reported an increase in their students exhibiting symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.”
       – National Center for Education Statistics 2022

•Follower versus Leader? “63% of Millennials and Gen Zs, feel their leadership skills are not being developed.”
       -Human Resource Professionals Association

•Only 45% of students feel positive about college & career readiness

•Only 27% of college grads are working in the field of their major

•Lacking Direction? “87% of people don’t understand their purpose in life.”
       – Lifeway Research


•Hope restored
•Equipped to overcome mental and emotional well being
•Discover gifts and talents as they sample various skilled trades
•Obtain clear direction to build a solid career plan

•Develop and apply leadership values and skills in all situations
•Acknowledge setbacks to overcome and succeed
•Positive impact through serving in their community
•Take responsibility for their choices and future
•Choose positive peers and grow
•Confidence to speak up for themselves and others

"Before Ignite Academy, my mental health was struggling and I had no plan. Now I have a sense of purpose and vision for my life."
Workforce and Ignite Student Academy Graduate 2022
"I discovered my purpose and now am a certified electrician finishing my electrical engineering degree."
Workforce and Wildfire Leadership Graduate 2020


Interested in serving with the Defiance Dream Center? Click below to learn how to get connected.


When you partner with the Dream Center, you join a movement to not only change the lives of individual people in desperate need, but entire families, school systems and communities.

You can provide life-changing training for less than $175 per student per year in support of Ignite Academy. Or for less than $800 a month you can provide hands-on Workforce Development training and life skills to a high school junior or senior in need.