Probation Program

At Defiance Dream Center, we believe in second chances, transformation, and the power of discovering one's true purpose. Introducing our new afterschool initiative—the Defiance Dream Center Probation Program. Dedicated to youth who have faced incarceration and probation, this program is a sanctuary for self-discovery, growth, and building a foundation for a brighter future. The program is designed to help participants uncover their true purpose in life. Engage in self-reflection, discover personal missions, and ignite the spark for future goals.

Program Highlights:

We provide a compassionate and judgment-free environment where participants can share their experiences and aspirations. A listening ear awaits, offering support and understanding.

Equip yourself with practical tools to navigate life’s challenges. Our daily life skills sessions cover essential aspects such as emotional regulation, job readiness, finance, and more.

Gain hands-on experience and valuable skills through course instruction in:

Cooking and Nutrition
Job Readiness

Tailored to participants’ interests, we provide opportunities for:

Internships: Gain practical, hands-on experience.
College Classes: Further your education and skills.
Mentor Program: Receive guidance from experienced mentors.

Why Choose Defiance Dream Center Probation Program?

Holistic Development: We focus not only on skill-building but also on nurturing emotional well-being, creating well-rounded individuals prepared for success.

Path to a Brighter Future: Our program is a roadmap to carve a path towards a brighter and more fulfilling future.

Community and Support: Join a supportive community that believes in your potential, offering encouragement and guidance every step of the way.

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6:00p-7:30p 1935 E. 2nd St, Defiance, OH 43512

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